Here are some of the lists that I used in populating The Guide. On this page, clicking "Labels" will show you all Listings labeled with that list; "List" will show you the list itself.

  • 10YP: The Ten-Year Reading Plan from the Great Books Foundation (Labels) (List)
  • Bloom: Entries from The Western Canon compiled by Harold Bloom (Labels) (List)
  • CA: California Classics compiled by Lawrence Clark Powell (Labels) (List)
  • GBWW and GBWW (1990): The Great Books of the Western World, 1952 and 1990 editions (1952 Labels) (1990 Labels) (List)
  • GC: Entries from The Graphic Canon edited by Russ Kick (Labels) (List)
  • GGB: Gateway to the Great Books from the Great Books Foundation (Labels) (List)
  • HC: The Harvard Classics compiled and edited by Harvard University president Charles W. Eliot (Labels) (List)
  • HCF: The Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction created to accompany The Harvard Classics (Labels) (List)
  • LRP: The Lifetime Reading Plan edited by Clifton Fadiman (Labels) (List)
  • Nobel: Winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature (Labels) (List)
  • PGR: A Plan of Graded Reading from the Great Books Foundation (Labels: PGR 1, PGR 2, PGR 3, PGR 4) (List)
  • Poets Laureate: Poets Laureate of the United Kingdom and the United States (Labels: UK - US) (List)
  • Pulitzer: Selected winners and finalists of Pulitzer Prizes in the categories of Biography or Autobiography, Drama, History, Fiction, Non-Fiction. and Poetry. (Labels) (List)
  • SW: Southwest Classics compiled by Lawrence Clark Powell (Labels) (List)

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