Here's a list of all the Labels used on Listings pages as of August, 2017.
The number of Listings per Label is written in parentheses
Click on the link to see all articles bearing that Label.

For convenience, I have placed the Labels into four large groups (one with two sub-groups). Click on the title to skip down.

  • Types of people as a special Genre
  • Religion as a special Subject

See each section for further distinctions.

Countries and Cultures, Regions, and Languages

Countries and Cultures (71):

Here is an alphabetical arrangement of all the Countries and Cultures of origin of the various writers and works. See below for those Countries sorted by Region.
Note that nearly 40 Countries or Languages are represented by only 1 or 2 Listings; 20 have 10 or more, and one (guess who?) has around 430. England comes in at over 260, but the British Isles as a whole have nearly 300, and the English language has well over 700.

Regions (14):

I've divided the world into 14 somewhat arbitrary Regions. This makes it possible to look at the authors, artists, and musicians in a broader cultural context.
I have placed the countries from each Region following the Region's name, though in some cases a country may participate in the culture of more than one Region (viz. "Middle East" and "North Africa").
Note: The number in parentheses indicates the number of Listings in each Region, not the number of Countries!
  • Antipodes: Australia (2), New Zealand (1)
  • British Isles: England (264), Ireland (22), Scotland (20), Wales (7)
  • Central Asia: Turkmen (2)
  • E. Asia: China (86), Japan (82), Mongolia (1), The Philippines (1), Vietnam (1)
  • E. Europe: Latvia (1), Serbia (1), Czech Republic (10), Hungary (2), Poland (9), Romania (2), Russia (29), Ukraine (6)
  • Latin America: Argentina (1), Chile (1), Colombia (1), Dominica (1), Guatemala (1), Guyana (1), Mexico (6), Peru (1)
  • Middle East: Armenia (1), Iraq (2), Mesopotamia (1), Persia (13), Saudi Arabia (1), Syria (2), Algeria (1), Carthage (3), Egypt (15), Israel (1), Lebanon (2), Morocco (2), Tunisia (1), Turkey (16)
  • N. Africa: Algeria (1), Carthage (3), Egypt (15), Morocco (2), Tunisia (1)
  • N. America: Canada (10), Native American (2), America, United States of (430)
  • N. Europe: Austria (17), Belgium (1), Denmark (5), Finland (1), Fleming (1), Germany (55), Iceland (6), Luxembourg (1), Netherlands (10), Norway (3), Prussia (1), Sweden (3), Switzerland (8)
  • Roman Empire: Carthage (3), Egypt (15), France (115), Greece (33), Israel (1), Italy ("Magna Graecia") (3), Italy (73), Lebanon (2), Spain (23), Turkey (16)
  • S. Asia: Bangladesh (1), India (54), Singapore (1), Sri Lanka (3), Tibet (2)
  • S. Europe: France (115), Greece (33), Italy (73), Portugal (1), Spain (23),
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Nigeria (2), South Africa (2)

Languages (53):

Languages are listed here alphabetically. No attempt has been made to group them into families, etc.
Some authors work(ed) in more than one language; they would be Labeled with as many languages as I am aware of, though it's possible mistakes have been made. As I write about each author individually I'll try to clarify.

Eras (10)

A more-or-less chronological list can be found on the Chronology page. Search that page if you're looking for a particular year; here I have just listed Authors and Works in large blocks.

Genres and Subjects

Genres (39):

This list shows Listings organized more-or-less by the Genre(s) the author mainly worked in. A novelist who writes a poem here and there may not be Labeled with "Poems"; consider this approximate.

I have listed eight categories of people--Living Persons, Performers, Women--here as a sub-type of Genre:

Subjects (19):

These might be school subjects, or in the case of Activism, the intention of the writer.
Religions, religious persons, and religious practices constitute a separate sub-group of "Subjects":

Honors and Inclusion on Lists

Honors (6):

Here are some winners of awards and prizes; I have not included everyone on each list (by far!), but the ones who still "ping."

Inclusions (11):

Finally, many of the authors have been taken from various "Great Books" lists. For more background on these lists, please refer to this page.

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